We're super excited to announce the launch of our latest collection Nudibranchi in collaboration with @donnacarmelasantoro, a renowned Italian Fashion Designer with a strong point of view.

This entire collection consists of gorgeous crochet outfits, handmade by Donna herself. Beautiful patterns intricately women together, each dress is a story waiting to be told & explored.
Much like the outer shell of the Nudibranch, each of the dresses in the Nudibranchi is a complex & mysterious design which excites, wows & spell-binds all at the same time.
Nudibranchi is now available in-store and online at @wolfandbadger
1764, Upper Haight St., San Francisco, California
We're super proud of this collaboration with Carmela as a part of our conscious goal to collaborate with designers who share the same sensibilities. Donna Carmela's passion for craftsmanship shines through in every stitch.

Who is Zasta Studio?

Zasta's expressive garments are adorned with intricate artwork, blending colors and shapes into a harmonious tapestry. These clothes narrate stories, embody emotions, and transform fashion into wearable artistry.

The brilliant designer crafted exquisite pieces from upcycled materials, showcasing eco-friendly elegance. Each creation exudes sustainability, merging style and conscience seamlessly.

Zasta Collections incorporate vibrant textile designs, handcrafted by master artisans. Zasta Studio is located at iconic Haight St. in San Francisco, California, showcasing all of its collections.