Weaving Talents Performance 28-10-23

A Fantastic Ritual Performance

by Donna Carmela Santoro

and curated by the Passages collective


From the distant Tarantula Galaxy, Ragna and her five young artist spiders arrive on earth and materialize in a garden in Venice.

Who am I  and why am I here? They are the new souls that will animate future young humans, they are here to bring new personalities, more suitable for this galactic historical moment. Guided by Ragna, a shape-shifting character, who by weaving and organizing her threads will lead the 5 little spiders on a journey of liberation and discovery of their new identity.

Through a path of transvaluation they become alchemists of themselves, intertwining poetry, art and artistic activism in an exquisitely relativist perspective, transforming themselves into the new talented young humans on Earth.

In an extraordinary circus of colors and sensations, the audience will find themselves immersed in a surreal atmosphere, where expressiveness reigns, and the dream will seem to be the main key to understanding.

Weaving Talents is not only the artistic representation of a fantastic and colorful world, but it is also an invitation to reflect on the highest objectives of the expression of the many personalities that make us up and intertwine with our individual qualities.


Chloe Motolese @eselotom

Tania Cavafave @tantarattata

Martina Checchini @dust.inthwnd

Matilda Vit @ae.mati

Tommaso Pavanello @sole.pacifico

Luigi Carrozza @spleenioilvecchio

Thanks to:

@gerardo_di_fonzo for the support and work of the imaginary cloth

Pictorial cartography www.edwigececconimeloni.com

Domenico Brancale, who with his poetry "captures the mute part of being and the unconscious of our body"

@cine_frank Franco Rado and Lorenzo Parretti for the Lights

Niccolò di Ruscio for the boat


28/10/2023 at 7.00 pm


Weaving Talents will be hosted by Cristina Galante, in the fabulous garden of the B&B Venezia naturally in Calle Vitturi 2929, Venice www.venezianaturalmente.it

in collaboration with  Captain Bragadin of the Vaporetto dell'Immaginario @associazione_bragadin

and Giusy De Angelis where it all began


video produced by: @sole.pacifico